Getting Started

Players must choose or randomly roll a mutant animal from the “After the Bomb” series by Palladium Books. There is no additional BIO-E available for mutant animal creation.

Each character starts out with 50 Build Points (BP) and must spend these build points on the character. All 50 BP must be spent at creation.

All attributes start with a “10”. Characters can gain BP by decreasing an attribute on an 2 BP per attribute points decreased. To raise an attribute to 11 through 15, 1 BP is spent per attribute point. For an attribute between 16 through 20, 2 BP is spent per attribute point, 20 – 25 is 3 BP per attribute point, and for 25 – 30, 4 BP per attribute point. The maximum attribute at beginning of play is 30, with a minimum attribute of 7.

Each OCC costs 10 BP, regardless of type.

Characters gain Feats at the following levels; first, second, fourth, sixth, eighth and twelfth.

Characters may also purchase Edges and Flaws. These positive or negative traits either cost BP or gain BP.

Skill Programs may be purchses at character creation at the cost of 10 BP per skill program. The normal Palladium rules as to prerequisites still apply. Secondary skills cost 1 BP per secondary skill.

Starting equipment will be appropriate for that character and the concept. There is no monetary system, so most things will either be found or bartered for.

Common equipment at character creation include the following: backpack, canteen, suit of leather armor (AR 10, SDC 40), boots, regular clothes, typically two melee weapons of character’s choice, a crossbow or bow, hunting knife, an SDC pistol with 40 rounds, and approximately two weeks’ worth of food stuffs. Also included is a survival kit, which has fishing nets, fishing hooks, bandages for first aid, fire starting gear, and other small pieces of gear.

There are two special Generation Dead Attributes, Reputation and Legend. At character creation, the character starts with a Reputation Attribute of 4. Each level, this attribute is raised by 1. There are circumstances where the characters actions in game will either grant bonuses or negatives to the Reputation Attribute. The Legend Attribute at first level is a 1, and can only be raised by the character’s actions and is awarded by the GM only.

Characters gain levels for every 10 BP gained during the game, which are awarded at the end of each session. For every 10 BP gained during play, the character goes up a level until Level 5. Levels 5 – 10 require 20 BP per level, and levels 11 – 15 require 30 BP per level. It is the players responsibility to keep track of the total amount of BP gained and BP spent.

Characters may purchase secondary skills, psychic abilities or spells (if available to the OCC), or abilities from a “sister” class equal to or lower than the current characters level. Sister classes are considered “sister” by main class, i.e. Man-at-Arms classes can choose another OCC’s ability within the Man-at-Arms classes.

Getting Started

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