Welcome to Generation Dead.

The world of Generation Dead is one of constant survival. Humans are for the most part either slaves of the Demon Princes or fanatical human supremacists. The walking dead are a constant danger, but among the other dangers include vampires, demons and devils, monsters from across imagination, and even your own kind. Humans either kill mutant animals on sight or enslave them. The technology level varies from area to area, but for the most part it could be considered 15th Century with pockets of 21st Century. The demons mainly use their own powers or melee weapons.

The following is a common speech given to young mutants before going on their Walk…

“It has been many moons since the age of man was diminished. The Long Night that followed saw the coming of things not seen since the creation and the first destruction. Demons, vampires, and the walking dead now rule the earth. Our ancestors, the ones who first woke up, cowered in fear and ran away, with the exception of the strongest of us, who stood their ground. They are our heroes, and are the first guardians. It was them that brought us to the Free Mutant Haven of Lamoille, the town in which you were born.

The Demon Prince named Nybbas holds the territory once known as the American West, but his influence is lessened by the natural barrier of the Great Sierra. His forces tend to stay on the coast. This Great Basin we live in provides us with everything we need to survive, it is hard, but it is a good life. We can melt into the numerous mountains, find water where none appears to exist, and find the game and grain we need for food. The walking dead are a constant presence, and care must be taken when leaving the confines of the haven. A mutant zombie is a terrible thing to behold. Remember the old saying, “Shoot for the head”.

There are still rumors of a couple pockets of humans left. One is the Remnant, who has enslaved our canine and equine brothers and sisters in a pathetic effort to survive against the undead masses. They are fighting a losing battle, and their territory is constantly being absorbed by the Demon Prince Aleamon, who lusts after the Big River Basin and its fields of grass, wild corn and wheat. This Remnant has become as disgusting as the demons they fight, and do not tolerate any other sentient being, with the exception of their slave population.

The other pocket of humans is rumored to be in Old Russia, but that information is old, almost older than me.

You want to hear about the werewolves? Far north, beyond the great ice fields of Old Canada, it is rumored that the werewolves prepare for war against the demons. They were great protectors of nature before the Long Night, and were hunted by the Princes long ago. The ones who survived are the ones who are preparing for battle. One of your ancestors, a wolf named Fang, went north and befriended a small clan of Lycans who named themselves, Wendigo. He returned with the knowledge of Fetishes, which aid our fight for survival.

The Lycans bitterest enemy, the Vampires have been in league with the Demons for time unending, and we have now taken up that fight. There is no greater sorrow for us than to see a brother or sister turned into one of those bloodsuckers. I will not discuss them further tonight.

There are rumors of beings of great power that oppose the demon forces, and are calling themselves Taken. No one in this haven has met one, but the demon princes seem to despise them. It could be that they are a friend, or an enemy. Is the enemy of my enemy my friend? Only the passage of the moon will show.

The few vehicles we have left have been turned into rolling fortresses for scavenging. Most of the remaining ones have been dismantled for parts and other necessary items. Our Machine Head has crafted a great wall around the town, and our Brainiac provides us with the power for little comforts, like warmth on the coldest of nights. Our Chimaera has protected the haven with his blessing, and luckily his power still holds the demons out.

It is now time for you to prove yourselves, to become the men or women you were meant to be. We are sending you outside the walls, to go on your Walk, to fight, survive and hopefully prosper before you will be allowed back into this haven.

Good luck to you all."

Generation Dead

Schnaupps Sillaric