Aether Magi

First Level
Chrome Black Future: Aether Magi are gifted with the ability to see into the spirit realms. This includes the ability to see the invisible, astral travelers, ghosts, and other spirits. This ability cannot be used in conjunction with normal sight; one must be “switched off” in order for the other to work. This gives the priest a basic sense of the person (alignment, general level of experience, the presence of magical or psionic ability, etc.). This ability is automatic and requires no I.S.P., and cannot be turned off.

Dreaming Neon Black: While in an area around the Aether Magi, his companions gain temporary bonuses when the Priest spends 10 ISP per companion; +3 to all saving throws, and increases natural healing by 2d6 SDC per 8 hours. The party must be on an extended rest to gain the healing benefit. The radius is 20 feet plus 5 feet per level of the priest.

I am the Dog: This ability automatically grants Group Mind Block to all those within 10 feet plus 5 feet per level of the Aether Priest. This ability costs the psychic 10 ISP for 5 minutes. At 7th level, the ability increases to Automatic Group Mind Block, but costs the psychic 40 ISP plus 10 ISP per companion.

Third Level
Ophidian: The psychic can summon electro-magnetic “snakes” to assist him in whatever tasks he needs that appear as purplish snakes, crackling with blue-black energy. These snakes can be summoned at the ISP cost of 25 per snake, and each snake can attack 4 times a melee round with a +4 to strike and +8 to auto dodge. Damage for a bite attack is 3d6 SDC. The snakes can also constrict opponents, and cause 2d6 SDC per melee round. It takes a successful strength test (versus a 25) to break the snare. Each snake has 25 SDC, but can only be damaged by magic or psychic.

Fifth Level
Obfuscation: The Aether Magi can wrap himself and his companions in an electromagnetic shroud, which renders every living being “invisible” to any means of detection. In game terms, every companion of the priest gains a bonus to prowl of +40% plus 5% per level of the psychic, and also is +4 to save against psychic and magical attacks. It costs the psychic 25 ISP for each companion. If a prowl roll fails, the beings under the shroud are still concealed, and will require a perception check to identify the shroud of 18. Attacks will automatically break the shroud.

Seventh Level
The Obsidian Conspiracy: The Aether Magi uses the electromagnetic energy to mentally manipulate those around him. By spending 50 ISP, the psychic can convince other people of many things, a Mass Hypnotic Suggestion if you will. The group gets one saving throw (at -4) and saves as a minor psionic. The priest can affect up to 10 people per 50 ISP. At 15th level, the priest can affect up to 100 people per 50 ISP.

Ninth Level
My Shadow: The Aether Magi is able to make his shadow “alive”. It costs the priest 80 ISP, and the shadow is an exact doppelganger of the priest, with half of his natural abilities. The shadow priest lasts up to 1 minute per level of the priest.

Eleventh Level
Seasons in the Abyss: With this power, the Magi can banish beings to the astral plane. It costs 80 ISP, and the saving throw is standard. The banished beings have to follow the standard rules for existing in the astral plane. All rolls are made at -20% for those beings banished to the astral plane.

Thirteenth Level
Pure Aether: This ability enables the Aether Magi to draw on the power of the Aether to create destruction. The priest, for 10 ISP per die of damage (d10), can create a large ball of Aether, and can throw it wherever he wishes, up to 100 feet per level. The damage caused by the Aetherball can only be dodged by a natural 16 or higher. The damage effects 10 feet per 10 ISP expended.

Aether Magi

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