Chaos Begins

On January 20, 1999, the public leaders of Venezuela and Iran met in a very public meeting in Venezuela. What was discussed is far from the actual meeting that was taking place on a small island in the Pacific Ocean. The actual leaders of Venezuela, Iran, North Korea and China met on this island.

The leaders discussed many things, including the use of powerful supernatural items and entities to facilitate their agenda. Thus began a decade’s long search for mystical items across the world. What also transpired was the signing of a dark pact with princes and princesses from the Demon Realms. This was the beginning of the end for the Modern World, and the domination of man on the Earth. The Demons divided the world into their own specific areas to rule, and also arranged for certain catastrophes to occur. These plans were far reaching, and needed nearly 30 years to complete. Bombs and key assets were placed into power stations, military bases, and governments worldwide.

This covert operation was responsible for many things, including the events of September 11, 2001, the tsunami that nearly wiped out Indonesia, the Japanese Tsunami that nearly pushed Japan back into the Dark Ages, every Tornado in the American Midwest, the multiple fires in Reno, Nevada and the sinking of a cruise ship off the coast of Italy are among the countless deeds performed. Each of these events were orchestrated to be the cover for a specific mission that the Demons had planned. In some cases, the recovery of a powerful artifact, others to kidnap a key individual and others just for pure chaos seeding.

The Demons had many allies; vampires, devils, lesser demons and humans were among the many. In the past, these allies were relegated to the dark, but with the Demons arranging things, they took a larger role in the chaos to come. They became figures of power in many businesses and governments, and ammassed wealth, power and followers. Only the werewolf clans became aware of this plot, but they were hunted to near extinction in the 2020’s. Very few remain, and they are fighting a losing battle.

The greatest achievement of the Demons was to arrange the second coming of Christ. This was a ruse of course, but the public at large ate it up. It was arranged for Tim Tebow to be the reincarnation of God’s only son, and raised him to such heights that many people across the world blindly worshipped him. On March 28, 2028, a mass religious ceremony was broadcast across the world via the Internet, and administered by countless devotees of the One Tebow, these followers gave their souls to the One Tebow. This gave the Demons their greatest weapon. enough PPE to power a Worldwide Zombie Ritual, which was administered on April 5, 2028. Instantly, approximately 4 billion people fell to the ground in writhing agony, only to rise up as the walking dead in a matter of minutes. The effects rippled worldwide as power stations exploded, tactical nukes went off in key capitolcsities and military bases. In a matter of hours, the world was thrown into Chaos, and the rest of the human population has ended up fighting for their souls and the survival of the human race.

Unknown to the Demons, was that the Angelic Symphony was watching as Chaos unfolded. Unable to stem the tide, the Symphony sacrificed much of its power to manipulate the massive spell, and allowed Gaia to mutate some of her animals. It is these mutant animals who are fighting to survive against the legions of the undead, the Demons and their minions, evil humans and another force that has only recently appeared, the dreaded Taken.

Chaos Begins

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