Gardenian Druid

First Level
Patterns in the Ivy: If the Gardenian encounters a plant he is unfamiliar with he can learn about the plant by spending time concentrating on the plant. What the Gardenian learns is limited to the amount of time spent concentrating on it. Trance: 1D4 minutes – edible or poisonous, 1D6 minutes – growth cycle, 2D6 minutes – growth conditions, 3D4 minutes – how to grow/transplant plant, 4D4 minutes – medicinal properties, 3D6 minutes – magical properties. PPE Cost – 10

Harvest: By placing plants next to wounds and expending PPE, the Gardenian can physically absorb small plants or parts of plants to heal themselves. The downside is that the area where the plant has been applied tends to turn the same color as the plant applied to that area. However, this affect usually only lasts for a few minutes, 1D6 minutes. Additionally, if the plant absorbed had medicinal or magical properties, the Gardenian can use those properties for short period of time, typically 15+1 minutes per level. Naturally one of the drawbacks is that the plant either withers, or dies completely. The only exception is the Millennium Tree. While the leaves and bark can be tapped, the tree itself is immune. Cost – 1 PPE per 2 SDC for small plants, 1 PPE per 4 SDC for large plants. Absorbing magic plants cost twice as much.

Third Level
Reverie Forest: Having tapped a plant, a Gardenian can use the natural abilities common to most plants. These are typically heightened senses. The Gardenian can: Sense coming of rain, fire, smoke – 40% + 5% per level; Sense wind direction – 53% + 4% per level; Sense time of day and compass direction – 60% + 3% per level; Sense temperature – 65% + 3% per level; Sense ground vibrations – 2 miles + 1/2 mile per level; Sensor Invisibility – 75%; Breathe through all skin. PPE Cost – 5 for normal plants, 10 for magical plants. Duration – 20 minutes per level.

Fifth Level
The Baying of the Hounds: The Gardenian Druid is able to summon a pack of animals to assist him. Initially, this is limited to a number of small animals (up to 20 pounds) equal to his level. For every level the druid increases, the weight limit is doubled (i.e. 20 becomes 40, becomes 80 and so on). This costs the druid 20 PPE per animal summoned, and lasts for 5 minutes per level.

Seventh Level
The Lotus Eater: If a Gardenian loses a limb, he can attempt to replace that limb with plants, typically with vines. The initial joining process takes 3-18 (3D6) minutes. After this time, the limb does not need to be held in place. However, it will take another 5-30 (5D6) minutes before the new limb is fully joined to the body. For the next 1D4 weeks the limb will be at half strength, after that the Gardenian’s arm returns to its original strength. If the plant chosen to replace the lost limb has any medicinal or magical properties, the Gardenian can draw on them at half strength. PPE Cost – 30 for normal plants, 60 for magical plants

Ninth Level
War Pigs: The druid is now able to physically transform himself into a pig like creature, but retaining all his skills and abilities. The War Pig stands on its hind legs like a human, but has a coarse body hair all over which grants an AR of 15. The extra bulk from the pig’s muscles adds 10 to PS and 100 to SDC. This costs the druid 60 PPE and lasts for a number of rounds equal to twice the level of the Gardenian Druid.

Eleventh Level
Beneath the Mire: The druid can move through natural surroundings nearly at will. His speed in increased by 60, and he cannot be tracked. This ability also attunes the druid to the area, and alerts him to any threats to the surrounding environment, along with the direction and distance to the threat. This ability costs the druid 30 PPE. Also, the druid can move people through the natural environment with astounding speed. For 10 ISP per person, the druid can move an equal number of people to his level though 10 miles per level of the druid. This only will work in a natural environment, not a city or urban environment.

Thirteenth Level
Blackwater Park: The druid can summon a treant. The treant will follow the orders of the druid a number of rounds equal to his level. The treant will die to follow the orders of the druid. It costs 100 PPE to summon the treant.

The treant is not really alive, but a physical manifestation of the druid’s powers, and as such is immune to Horror Factor, Mind Control of any sort, and psionics (except physical attacks) and has the following abilities:
AR: 18
SDC: 500
PS: 35
Attacks: 8
Strike Bonus: +15
Special Attacks: Crush, Root Entangle

Gardenian Druid

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